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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Most Coveted Qualifications in a Vice-Presidential Nominee

(submitted by Iron Chef Klingon)

10. Reigning World Champion in 'Sitting Still and Being Quiet' Competition. (krayZpaving)
9. Fits nicely into a side car. (DA maNA)
8. Resemblance to any Batman supervillain. (Bastage)
7. Bullet-proof! (Stephen H)
6. Experience with the dark arts. (DA maNA)
5. Looks good, smells good, reads lines well, never starred in porn films or hired undocumented nanny. (whyBother)
4. Ethnicity, but not too much of it. (rorschak)
3. A smooth wingman who can politely deflect the ugly chicks at fancy state dinners. (Laffman)
2. Says things like "What is thy bidding, my master?" (Bastage)
1. Likes economics, diplomacy,and long walks on the beach. (Laffman)

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