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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We Learned from Wikipedia

(submitted by XLR8R)

10. All those girls that rejected me in high school actually didnt... you can look it up! (DA maNA)
9. That rash? Its fatal. (Xyie Fourseasons)
8. The world's population of elephants has tripled in the last six months. (Laffman)
7. Despite what all teachers and professors say, if you change an entry to something completely bogus, it WILL get changed back within MINUTES. (Wiki)
6. Attila the Hun died in 1973 from a nosebleed after drinking too much. (La Ran)
5. That I ran for president in 1982, flew to the moon in 1997, and generally kick ass. (DA maNA)
4. Yes, it IS possible to relate deep-sea diving to Kevin Bacon in less than 7 steps. (Nicko)
3. Following the founding of US Steel, John Rockefeller took 4 years off to fight crime in Malaysia under the name "The Great White Hope." (Some Dude)
2. <entry deleted> (El Barton)
1. George Washington had wooden teeth, chopped down a cherry tree and loved Ace of Bass. (

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