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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons You are Awake at 4 AM

(submitted by Allison)

10. There's still more internet out there. (Walrus)
9. Your friend just called you on your cell phone to see if you were sleeping or not. (Snarfie)
8. Your neighbor was blasting heavy metal at 3:53 AM. You've solved that problem, but now you must dispose of the body. (Oren Otter)
7. The puppy your wife insisted sleep in your bed is now a 180 pound great dane. (
6. You are Jack Bauer. (Drew Klemens)
5. You need to stay ever vigilant in case the NFL calls upon you to be an emergency quarterback this season. (finbass)
4. The sudden realization that maybe you should have requested the chicken instead of fish at your cousin's wedding (ardnax)
3. Well, it was the last day of college for the semester and the store had to get rid of those energy drinks somehow... and that was only 2 months ago. (Wiki)
2. You woke up in a panic at 2 am thinking you hadn't studied for your final exam at 8 am... Two hours later you realize you're 34, run your own business and don't go to school anymore. (Mute)
1. Your 3 year old knows how to change the alarm, but not how to tell time. (Major Tom)

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