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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Not Passing Physics This Semester

(submitted by Nicko)

10. You broke the Physics professor's little swingy ball thingy trying to figure out why only the balls on the end bounce back and forth. (Oops I did it again.)
9. You told the professor she misspelled "sign" as "sine." (Magus Noan)
8. You've been distracted by the pretty girl who sits next to you with the impressive baryons. (Oren Otter)
7. Disassembling the Dean's new Volvo in the parking lot was not considered a prime example of "entropy in action." (Plutoid)
6. Well, you do pass it everyday. You just haven't actually entered the classroom yet. (whyBother)
5. Having taken Economics last semester, you figured out that you could buy an entire semester of beer for the price of a Physics textbook, and, well, you were just gonna sell the book back anyway. (No Dear I didn't)
4. In contrast to what your creative writing professor told you, there is such a thing as a right answer... just not on your final exam. (Mute)
3. Apparantly, E does not equal Mp3. (Thomas Palsson)
2. You hit on your teacher to get that A and unfortunately learned that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (Augiepyropanda)
1. The only sections you highlighted in your textbook are words that you think would be a good name for your band. (Rigoletto)

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