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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

(submitted by the artist formerly known as Valli Bee)

10. The mirror is further away then it appears. (Norm Shelton)
9. It's easier to say that then, "Your vehicle is closer to the car next to you than you think". (Serger)
8. It's to fool you into thinking your Prius has enough horsepower to outrun the cop that's chasing you. (buttplug)
7. Wider view really allows you to see everyone behind you that's pissed about your crappy driving. (finbass)
6. It'd be too scary to know the guy you just cut off is THAT close behind you. (finbass)
5. If you'd passed Physics last week, you'd understand. (silvergirl)
4. So that you won't notice the black van following you around. (Father Time)
3. To scare the crap out of the drivers. (La Ran)
2. Car manufactorers buy their mirrors at the local Thrift Store to save money. (Serger)
1. Objects are sneaky, treacherous, bastards. (Geoduck)

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