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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Dorm Room is Too Small

(submitted by Nicko)

10. Wall to wall has nothing to do with carpet but where your arms are when you stretch. (NuT wItH a GuN)
9. You stretched your legs from your bed and tripped somebody in the hall. (Fargles)
8. People keep trying to hang their jackets in it. (Snarfie)
7. You've been forced to only take one class at a time because you can only fit one textbook in the room at once. (Ava Cado)
6. If you want a girl to spend the night, you have to sleep in the hallway. (Steve Weiss)
5. Ok, bunk beds are a great idea to save floor space, but bunk desks?! (a little glowing friend)
4. The maximum occupancy is a fraction. (Xyie Fourseasons)
3. You've learned to sleep standing up by Velcro-ing yourself to the wall. (Harold1999)
2. At first you can't figure out how to get into the room from the closet...then you realize you're IN the room. (KLG)
1. After successfully maneuvering your laptop through the doorway (at an impossible angle) you find that the ceiling is too low to open it. (toyz)

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