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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Newly Discovered Uses for Peanut Butter

(submitted by Sexy Karen)

10. Keeping that dancing purple mascot Barny's mouth shut. (Awesome Man)
9. Use it to bait the traps you set out to catch all of those "Choosie Mothers." (TechNut)
8. An effective torture device: give the victim a peanut-butter sandwich but no milk. (Oren Otter)
7. Acne coverup! Already flesh colored. (El Barton)
6. Children left home alone can spread it on the floor as part of an elaborate trap to foil two or more would-be burglars. (Krig the Viking)
5. With an inexpensive plastic mold you can use it to make peanuts. (Felly Smeet)
4. Use it as foot lotion; it does wonders for your skin and goes dreat with toe jam. (albert)
3. Just a few million research dollars could make peanut butter yet another useless alternative fuel. (inventor)
2. Uve id in dove fituafions where you need do pwetend you'we fpeaking a foweign wanguage. (Oren Otter)
1. When lit on fire, it can be used to summon the ghost of George Washington Carver. (Krig the Viking)

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