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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Drawbacks To Being A Scientist

(submitted by Augiepyropanda)

10. Getting plutonium stains out of your lab coat. (Jack Michaels)
9. No matter what you do- somewhere, someone is getting paid to try to prove you're wrong. (lefty)
8. Increasing frustration at terms such as "friendly bacteria" in food or "shine technology" in shampoo. (Deeeva)
7. Your next door neighbor, Merle, continually asking if you know The Mythbusters. (
6. Future versions of yourself keep cluttering your garage with time machines. (Chuck1863)
5. You're the only one in the room to laugh at 'Schrödinger's Cat in the Hat'. (Toe)
4. The groupies. Not a pretty bunch. (rorschak)
3. It's the 21st century and people are expecting their flying cars, domed cities, robot maids, and lunar vacations. (Chuck1863)
2. Mathalympics only broadcast on ESPN Pi. (rorschak)
1. Best perks don't kick in until you attain "Mad" status. (rorschak)

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