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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Travel Destinations

(submitted by Rosie)

10. Any of them places that end in "istan". (lefty)
9. The bushes in the shadows, outside my ex-girlfriend's window. Gotta be the most depressing place on the planet.... (Plutoid)
8. Nebraska: Nothing to block your view of Iowa from Wyoming. (Gregj09)
7. Any motel that has "and Bait Shop" in the name. (whyBother)
6. Dollybollyhollywood, the Indian shrine to country movies. (Stephen H)
5. Cheney Hunting Grounds (TheRob)
4. A beachfront condo in Galveston TX. (Does come with running water..) (Geoduck)
3. Cristian's and Scott's Museum of Really Obscure Top Ten Suggestions and Dollar Store. (RAM)
2. The rat infested, cholera ridden, teeming slums of Calcutta. Don't go there - wireless service is spotty. (whyBother)
1. New Orleans... no, wait. it's fine... no, wait. New Orleans. (numbersgirl)

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