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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Presidential Campaign Promises

(submitted by p0m)

10. A number one submission at in every household! (Aaron Hirshberg)
9. If you elect me, I promise to deport your Mother-In-Law! (JDAii)
8. I promise to make my running mate stop shooting all the bald eagles. (Plutoid)
7. To provide universal hair care. (jpnidaho)
6. Read my lips: No new Texas! (Stephen H)
5. "To obey, honor, and respect the laws of this land, and to shamelessly embrace whatever passing trend I think might increase my poll numbers, so help me God." (Plutoid)
4. Pot in every chicken. (Stephen H)
3. I will raise taxes on everyone who makes more money than you do. (Iron Chef Klingon)
2. No new promises! (Stephen H)
1. Change. Lots and lots of change. (sullivangirl)

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