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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten signs that you're not paranoid and they really are out to get you

(submitted by Oren Otter)

10. Every single submission on here has happened to you. In exact order. Before the results came up on monday. (bob)
9. You notice that your psychiatrist, for some reason, has an FBI badge laying on his desk. (Krig the Viking)
8. I can't answer that here! They're watching!!! (squeezette)
7. Twenty-four hours ago, Item #7 on this list contained a cryptic warning which has since been replaced by what you see now. (Oren Otter)
6. Your therapist has taken to wearing kevlar. (Oren Otter)
5. You forgot to wear your tinfoil helmet to the grocery store, and woke up a week later in Nevada. (Krig the Viking)
4. Your toilet seat was replaced with a bear trap. (Paul M. Croughn, Magus Noan)
3. The guy doing the evening news broadcast stops and conspicuously clears his throat if you're not paying attention. (al)
2. The raggedy homeless person who used to go through your trash has been replaced by two guys in suits with earpieces, who walk away whenever they see you at the window.... (No Dear I didn't)
1. The bomb that blew up your car is going to be a little harder to explain away than those black helicopters. (Krig the Viking)

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