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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Bailout Plans for the Economy

(submitted by Good Ol' Horseface)

10. Offer to sell Louisiana back to the French. (homeecfailure)
9. Same plan as most households in financial trouble: lottery tickets! (rorschak)
8. Find out how much wood a woodchuck can chuck, then tax the crap out of it. (Wheels)
7. Let's just throw... say... $700 billion at the problem. That should do it. (byuguy)
6. Lemonade stands across the nation. Problem: $2500 for a glass. (LordDarius)
5. Nationalize all porn sites on the web and use the revenue they generate to pay off the national debt. (radman3636)
4. Beany Babies.. Lots and Lots of Beany Babies. (SPLAT)
3. Well, I guess he can crash on my couch for a few days until he gets another job and new place. (McNally)
2. Auction off New Jersey on eBay. (Yooda Mann)
1. 3 hotels on Boardwalk and a get out of jail free card. (searose)

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