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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways College Differs from High School

10. TOGA! (La )
9. There is no such thing as Fraternity Synchronized-Hurling Day in high school. (Plutoid)
8. In high school, public means free. In college, public means only $30,000 per year. (Steve Weiss)
7. In college, you can take any classes you want! It makes it so much easier to stalk hot babes, without raising suspicion. (Plutoid)
6. In college, you get to rub shoulders with jerks and wierdo's from all over the country, not just your own town. (Plutoid)
5. In college, you have to actually open a book because the price is on the inside jacket. (Chuck1863)
4. If you have go to five different high schools to get a diploma you're probably an Army brat. If you have go to five different colleges to get a diploma you're probably the Governor of Alaska. (Bastage)
3. The behavior that got you suspended for a week in high school now gets you a year in prison. (Chuck1863)
2. The girls that reject you are much more sophisticated in college. (Guyinthenextcubeover)
1. In high school, you wake up at 7 am. In college, you go to bed at 7 am. (Steve Weiss)

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