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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Cutting-edge Cell Phone Features

(submitted by Plutoid)

10. You can now microvave a bag of popcorn in minutes with iPhone's iCook feature. (Bastage)
9. Loads a game to play while waiting for your Java game to load. (swiperthefox)
8. Built in Pocket Fisherman (RAM)
7. Bottle opener- why is is that we can surf the web, listen to music, but not open a beer? (Dorian)
6. Cool Mint Dental Floss (shogzr)
5. Airbag!...Talking while driving is no longer dangerous! (outbackjosiah)
4. Convinient strap to put around your wrist, since no one wears wrist watches anymore now that they have cell phones with clocks and calendars (Xyie Fourseasons)
3. Vista ready (danb1974)
2. To lessen new phone anxiety, now comes in a pre-scratched case. (swiperthefox)
1. Now includes a lifelike replica of a 3 year old's pointer finger for pressing the ridiculously small buttons. (swiperthefox)

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