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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Left on President Bush's "To Do" List

(submitted by D List)

10. Follow instructions in National Treasure II, and see if there really is a book of secrets. (Maxdad)
9. Have the NSA find out what happened to Tony Soprano after the screen went black. (Squeezette)
8. Move the furniture around so that big stain on the Lincoln bedroom carpet is covered -- with any luck he'll get the security deposit back before anyone notices. (anglesius)
7. Write his name in the snow one last time. (Guyinthenextcubeover)
6. Pardon everyone in his administration, just in case. (Chuck1863)
5. Dig out loose change from White House sofa cushions, give to Big Oil. (Asteria)
4. Two month vacation. (El Barton)
3. Break out the ol' chain saw, and clear out some acreage in that sissy white house rose garden. (Plutoid)
2. Abdificate the throne. (Maxdad)
1. Noogie the President of France. (ardnax)

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