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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Unpublished Goals of Secretary of State-to-Be Hillary Clinton

(submitted by Magus Noan)

10. To learn how to pronounce "Kzyrgystan" without faltering. (Squeezette)
9. Find a cute male intern looking for some national spotlight time. (JDAii)
8. {{-REDACTED-}} (Major Tom)
7. Win the Nobel Peace Prize. Watch Bill fume. (byuguy)
6. Get Bill named American ambassador to Guantanamo. (radman3636)
5. Declare Texas a rogue state. (Sageandscholar)
4. Get Secret Service to issue her a new nickname, instead of That B*%&^ (JrsyRose)
3. Secretary of State is 4th in line for presidency, right? (maryyyyy)
2. Prank Call Obama at 3am. (CraZyPopeye)
1. Change the name to 'President of State' (Guyinthenextcubicleover)

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