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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Get the U.S. Out of Recession

(submitted by Chris Pittman)

10. If everybody buys a huge, useless SUV, and just leaves it sitting in their driveway, just think of the eonomic upturn! Oh wait! We already tried that. (Plutoid)
9. Alchemy (Good Ol' Horseface)
8. Establish a US Department for Maintaining Poverty. It would fail, and we'd all be rich. (Stephen H)
7. Buy Chinese fortune cookies until one says "You will get out of the recession." (Arcola Mike)
6. Invest in pork futures... the new congress is just warming up. (Plutoid)
5. Help this Nigerian Prince get his money out of Nigeria and we get to keep 20% of it for our trouble. (Raven)
4. States start playing the state lottery from other states. (Walrus)
3. Get Congress hooked on World of Warcraft so they'll be too busy to do any more damage (lefty)
2. Build an enormous couch (creates jobs), get people to come sit on it (boosts travel economy), and collect the loose change that falls out afterwards. (BKred)
1. Declare "Mission Accomplished!" and move on. (Maniac Bob)

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