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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Look for in Buying a Foreclosed Home

(submitted by jpidaho)

10. Booby traps left by the evicted former owners (Magus Noan)
9. Tenants are important: mice or raccoons? (TheRob)
8. Near-to-complete lack of bulletholes (Major Tom)
7. Running water only from the faucets and not the ceiling (Arcola Mike)
6. Same thing when buying any home: pizza and video store within two blocks. (whyBother)
5. That the crawlspace is actually vacant (jpidaho, IOIO)
4. Make sure the seller pays down points and leaves the digital converter hooked up. You never could figure it out. (RAM)
3. The congressional "Sub-Prime Borrower" Seal of Approval (wheels)
2. The Ebay id of the former owner, so you know where to buy the pipes that were torn out of the house (Steve Weiss)
1. Hey, all the real estate agents are getting desperate for commisions; maybe you can wangle a date with that hottie from ReMax. (Plutoid)

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