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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Clues Someone Secretly Gave You Decaf Coffee

(submitted by Magus Noan)

10. You patted your wife's head, french-kissed your kid goodbye, and drove your dog to school. (Plutoid)
9. You fall asleep during your morning quickie with the hottie on the 3rd floor. (talshadar)
8. Eyes are propped open with toothpicks. (Stephen H)
7. Asleep at the desk? You never made it to work.... (Deeeva)
6. You're falling asleep in the afternoon meeting. And you're presenting. (Augiepyropanda)
5. You just flushed the laser printer, and changed the ink cartridge on a urinal. (Plutoid)
4. When your date asks you to come upstairs, you actually go for the coffee. (Arcola Mike)
3. You've had 12 cups and the only motivation you have is to get up and go pee. (Walrus)
2. "You know I've loved you for a long time. Will you mar-r-r-r-ry ... sknxzzzzzz" (Magus Noan)
1. Twitter posts are becoming too much to read. (JrsyRose)

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