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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs There are Children Living in The White House

(submitted by Chuck1863)

10. The Nixon bowling alley is replaced with Wii bowling on a 72" plasma screen. (Felly Smeet)
9. The presidential limo is a station wagon. (Stephen H)
8. Secret Service Officers given shoot-to-kill orders for "ghosts and monsters." Just like when G.W.Bush was in office. (JLM2safeundercovers)
7. New mission statement for the 101st Airborne: making sure Malia goes to bed on time (p0m)
6. There certainly isn't a herd of buffalo in the White House, so, by process of elimination... (Rigoletto)
5. Barney was brought in for "questioning" by the secret service. (Raven)
4. Santa Claus has been asked to submit to advance vetting (krayZpaving)
3. Lincoln Logs in the Lincoln Bedroom (ToJo, Unck42)
2. Every so often, the President's schedule shows an entry for "High Tea w/ Amb. T. Bear, et. al." (Major Tom)
1. After severe negotiations, POTUS signs an Executive Order declaring a National Bedtime. (Major Tom)

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