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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least-Expected Stimulus Package Budget Items

(submitted by Major Tom)

10. $1.3 billion to add a 2nd horse to every one-horse town in Kansas (Tristan)
9. Comedians receive health-care research funds since laughter is the best medicine. (Arcola Mike)
8. $200 million for a Road to Somewhere... to be determined at a later date (Augiepyropanda)
7. Clause stating debt can be repaid through participation in global mortal kombat tournament (TheRob)
6. New men's rooms at the Minneapolis airport, featuring stalls with walls that go all the way to the floor (Hey, get your foot off my shoe!)
5. A Wii and a dog for every household (Norm Shelton)
4. $390 million for the reinvention of the wheel (Augiepyropanda)
3. Gift wrapping for the Stimulus Package (Stephen H)
2. $50 billion for flying care development (Major Tom)
1. Finishing that pesky Alaskan bridge (Plutoid)

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