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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Dating a Robot

(submitted by Asteria)

10. She says she can't go out with you tonite because she has to "Reboot". (WAM)
9. You met her through the internet dating service (Arcola Mike)
8. She was the only one in the theatre rooting for the army of battle droids in Star Wars episode 1. (WAM)
7. He raids your fuse box instead of your refrigerator. (Chuck1863)
6. Your new vacuum cleaner swoons and palpitates whenever she walks into the room. (Plutoid)
5. She prefers WD-40 to a body massage. (Arcola Mike Redux)
4. Her nice, smooth skin also has a chrome finish. (Unck42)
3. That little jolt of electricity when you kiss is really a jolt of electricity. (Magus Noan)
2. Built like Brad Pitt, weighs 1100 lbs. (whyBother)
1. If you don't talk to her for a long time, her face turns into a screensaver. (WAM)

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