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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Won't Fit in at PETA.

(submitted by Father Time)

10. When asked your opinion about the spotted owl you reply "it tastes like chicken". (lefty.)
9. "The trick is to put the panda fur on the outside for weather resistance, and put the baby seal fur on the inside for softness..." (Stephen H)
8. You joined thinking it was "People for Eating Teriaki Animals" (JDAii)
7. You have animal carcasses stamped on your Hummer door signifying verified road kills. (wheels)
6. Three words: baby seal breath (toyz)
5. Your "Save the Whales" placard is made from albino leopard hide, with ivory lettering. Oh, and the alligator boots don't help, either. (Plutoid)
4. They recognized you from that hot dog eating contest they saw on ESPN. (Aaron Hirshberg)
3. Your ice breaker at the first meeting is "So this baby seal walks into a club......" (Mickey Finn)
2. You beat your dog for eating your bacon and ham topped hamburger. (NuT wItH a GuN)
1. Your poodle has a beautiful, lustrous coat. European mink, with white ermine trim. (whyBother)

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