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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lesser Known Perks of Air Force One

10. Wrap-around porch, complete with flower pots and porch swings. Excellent view. (Rigoletto)
9. Authorized to make dramatic landings on highways whenever the President feels like it. (rorschak)
8. Fully reclining seats for long haul flights - in Presidential Class only. (Sageandscholar)
7. All the damn peanuts you want. (Of course, that's because Jimmy Carter left four tons of them in the hangar) (Tristan)
6. All seats are ejectable, and can be controlled from a drawer in the President's desk. (jqubed)
5. The toilet paper has prints of the last President's face on it. (Magus Noan)
4. Turning on the UFO lights whenever over Nevada. (whyBother)
3. The President gets to fly 'shotgun' if he calls it. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)
2. The water landing slides have red carpeting. (rorschak)
1. In times of national crisis, it combines with Air Force 2, 3, 4 and 5 to form the Unitebot Epluribus Unum. (Major Tom)

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