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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Hasn't Switched to the Metric System

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10. What would happen to this list?!! It would have to change to the ... no ... wait ... damn, it's already started. (El Barton)
9. Why count to ten, when you can count to 4, 12, and 16? (Maniac Bob)
8. Putting 20 gallons of gasoline in your car is expensive enough! Putting 80 liters of gasoline in your car would be WAY too expensive!!!! (No Dear I didn't)
7. Pretty sure the terrorists use the metric system. (finlero)
6. We're waiting for the exchange rates to improve. (Major Tom)
5. DEA believes unregulated use of "grams" will promote drug use. (whyBother)
4. They use metric system in Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Cuba, Russia, France,... Do you want me to continue? (MAR)
3. Not enough scientists in the US to sway the vote. (Magus Noan)
2. Powerful National Quart and Gallon Lobby. (TheRob)
1. Older members of congress are still using drams and cubits. (Chuck1863)

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