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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs the Economy is Picking Up

10. The loan sharks are making credit available again.. (Oops they did it again.)
9. The "Will Work For Food" signs are now professionally lettered. (Stephen H)
8. No longer have to classify my family income in surveys as "destitute" can now just check off the "broke" box. (JimBean)
7. Homeless now have iPhones instead of Blackberries. (Krig the Viking)
6. Creditors are starting to harass you, now that your phone is working again. (Maniac Bob)
5. The guy on the corner by the mall now has a sign that says "will work for health insurance". (No Dear I didn't)
4. Ebay reports a return to 2007 levels of worthless crap that nobody will ever buy. (anglesius)
3. The foreclosure sign has been removed from the local bank. (Norm Shelton)
2. The crossing guard has stopped charging your 1st-grader for "protection" (Major Tom)
1. The "Take a Penny" tray at 7-11 actually has pennies. (darthgator)

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