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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Obama's Top Ten Things He's Learned So Far Being President

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Really hard to get that "old man smell" out of the Oval Office. (The Incognito Penguin)
9. There is a mini bar under the presidential desk just in case he gets 'thirsty'. (Raven)
8. If you plan on taking any trips to Argentina, make sure you let your family and staff know. (JuicyGirl)
7. The real Book of Secrets is not nearly as cool as the one in the movie. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)
6. That padlocked cupboard in the kitchen is filled with leftover pork rinds from the previous administration. (Maxdad)
5. The Declaration of Independence was never notarized, so we're still part of The British Empire. (Chuck1863)
4. The red phone is NOT for ordering pizza. (Felly Smeet)
3. He never gets fouled when playing basketball with the Secret Service guys. (IOIO)
2. You can't earn frequent flyer miles on Air Force One. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)
1. He may be head of the country, but Michele is still the boss. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)

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