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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Sarah Palin is Stepping Down

(submitted by finlero)

10. She discovered she could see Canada from her back door and that is just too boring. (IOIO)
9. The russian government is no longer in need of a spy in the Republican party. (quistis)
8. Her flake-pressure-relief-valve popped. (Potatohead)
7. She heard Honduras needs a new president and she's always loved foreign cars. (Mickey Finn)
6. She realized that seceding from a government that she's a part of would just be another ethical conflict. (Major Tom)
5. It's hunting season, of course... (JDAii)
4. Tina Fey is running for governor of Alaska. (JuicyGirl)
3. The RNC paid for her megaphone and her soapbox, both, and they want them back, now!. (Major Tom)
2. Because she'd be a quitter if she didn't quit (Potatohead)
1. She will be taking Al Franken's job at Saturday Night Live. (Maxdad)

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