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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Ways To Revive The Economy

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Send Schwarzenegger back to Hollywood. (Artificial Intelligence)
9. "Plastics" (Shoegazer)
8. File Chapter 11 and merge The United States with China and go private. (Food Fighters)
7. Double taxes for the unemployed, that'll show 'em! (Stephen H)
6. Free puppies for everyone. (Raven)
5. Sell off Texas & Alaska. (Shoegazer)
4. Clothing optional shopping malls. (whyBother)
3. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! (Shoegazer)
2. Double or Nothing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" match with China over outstanding debt. (Steve Gignac)
1. America sells off it's assets and becomes a "holding country". (The Ex-Presidents Are Surfers!)

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