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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Perks of the New Healthcare Plan

(submitted by Artificial Intelligence)

10. A chicken in every pot and a cough drop in every throat (El Barton)
9. If you get a flu shot, you can keep the syringe. (jumpinjack)
8. Death is no longer a pre-existing condition. (Felly Smeet)
7. No more pesky trips to the doctor. (Skip)
6. Now you can binge on double cheeseburgers because that double bypass is covered. (Shoegazer)
5. Optional payment plan allows people to "work off" their hospital debt cleaning O.R. floors. (Shoegazer)
4. You can trade your clunker for a check-up... No, wait... ummmmm.... (JDAii)
3. The local Vet is on the "prefered provider" list. (Norm Shelton)
2. For every 10 employees that sign up, you get a free kidney. (Major Tom)
1. Democrats are happy to have health care; Republicans are happy about having something to complain about again. (Mute)

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