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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons It's Great to Be Single

(submitted by Luv U 2 )

10. No one to steal the covers off you at night. (Mute)
9. You get to keep your 'Fonzie Apartment' over the garage all to yourself. (CraigC)
8. No one to tell you you're not allowed to build a fort in the bedroom! (Mute)
7. You generally only have to worry about satisfying one person in bed. (Mute)
6. When you want something deep fried, you don't have some asking you "Should you really be eating that?" (Raven)
5. If you buy expensive chocolates, you KNOW that you'll get to eat them later. (Nova)
4. The feeling of genuine satisfaction due to all achievments posted on the fridge being yours. (Steve Gignac)
3. XBOX... 24/7 (Shoegazer)
2. Fewer cleaning product purchases leaves more room in shopping cart for beer. (Shoegazer)
1. You always know who ate the last Twinkie. (lefty)

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