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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Facts About Area 51

(submitted by Yooda Mann)

10. The base is located beneath the highest traffic Weather Balloon path in the country. (Steve Gignac)
9. There are growing complaints that too many senators are using the space portal for personal affairs. (Shoegazer)
8. It's actually a separate country from the U.S. with a president and it's own currency. (Shoegazer)
7. It is used to store re-usable topics for this top ten list. (Aaron Hirshberg)
6. The base commander's "zen garden" was built from moon dust and moon rocks. (Shoegazer)
5. It was voted the "Most Abstract Place to Work" last year. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)
4. It is considered the "Euro-Disney" of all the Areas. (The Incognito Penguin)
3. The original arcade version of "Space Invaders" in the break room holds the all time high score. (Shoegazer)
2. It's the only place on earth with the proper magnetic alignment to allow the manufacturing of Formula 409, WD-40, and Heinz 57 sauce. (Major Tom)
1. The northern part is entirely covered with unmatched socks that just pop out of nowhere. (Stephen H)

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