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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard on the Starship Enterprise

(submitted by Rocket Man)

10. "Okay, who put Windex in the Romulan Ale bottle?" (Iron Chef Klingon)
9. "I have a plot hole ot fix. How about we fill it with 'red matter?'" (Simon the unicorn)
8. "Are you serious? Omnipotent entity? Again!?" (Walrus)
7. Worf: "Sorry, Captain. You said 'Fire at Will!' so -- naturally -- I thought..." ((Mrs.) Major Tom)
6. "So you're unable to log in to your Replicator? Ok We can reset your password." (WAM)
5. "If he asks you if you want to see 'the real Captain's Log', just politely refuse." (Toujin, Iron Chef Klingon)
4. "Captain, we can't fire at the Klingons: the power has been diverted to the ship's laundry." (Aaron Hirshberg)
3. "I've got a problem, Captain. I programmed the Holodeck to look just like the Enterprise, and now I can't tell if I'm in the Holodeck or the real ship."
2. "She's 7?!? I HAVE to see 9 of 9!" (Steve Gignac)
1. "I can't believe we spent 87 billion credits on this thing and it doesn't have any restrooms!" (Stephen H, Squeezette, Aaron Hirshberg)

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