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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Disney-Marvel Movies

(submitted by monkielion)

10. SpiderDuck (Yooda Mann)
9. Toy Story 3: Andy Gets a Spiderman Action Figure (Steve Weiss)
8. Hulk, the Eighth Dwarf (Aaron Hirshberg)
7. Ant-Man and the Normal Sized Peach (Chuck1863)
6. Iron Man Goes Goofy (jumpinjack)
5. Ariel and Namor: The Poseidon Adventure (Major Tom)
4. Professor Xavier's school for the gifted musical (Wools)
3. Iceman, featuring Walt Disney himself (rorschak)
2. Captain American Pottytraining 101 Dalmations (The Frunkus Kid)
1. Spider-Man Meets Charlotte, A Love Story (Aaron Hirshberg)

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