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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lame Excuses Your Date Gave You for Being Late

(submitted by No Dear I didn't)

10. "Trafficking. Uh!...traffic." (Good Ol' Horseface)
9. "I had this potentially high score game going on Brick Breaker. You can't exactly just walk away from that!" (JDAii)
8. "Oh, sure, like you expected me to show up sober?" (Holden Geezerly)
7. "Sorry, I had to de-lint the cat." (Stephen H)
6. "It took time to contemplating the PERFECT Top Ten List entry. It's a surefire number one!!" (rorschak)
5. "This whole daylight savings thing is such an obvious government conspiracy. I'm not late - I'm just sticking it to the Man!" (al)
4. "There are no inside handles on the rear doors of a police cruiser." (lefty)
3. "My other personality is a woman who takes two hours to get ready to go out." (Oren Otter / Fnaire Tiger)
2. "I was busy 'catching up' with your ex-wife." (JDAii)
1. "Late? I lost a finger! Want to hear that story instead?" (Nicko)

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