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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Additional Reasons to Kiss a Frog

(submitted by Oren Otter)

10. You hope that by placing a frog to your mouth, it will draw the other frog out of your throat. (miester)
9. Moonlight, scented summer wind in the trees, and you've been married for tewnty five years (Mark Lehde)
8. You're a leg man, and frog legs are really delicious! (Oops I did it again)
7. He's really a Nigerian Prince and if you kiss him and e-mail his cousin your bank account number you will be greatly rewarded. (Raven)
6. You lost a bet, and your other choice was to wear a Mets hat all day. (lefty)
5. You are checking to see if it will go well with butter, and a nice white wine. (Raven)
4. To make the Geico gecko jealous (rorschak)
3. It lessens your expectations about kissing another human. (TheRob)
2. It seems to be working for Prince Charles. (Steve Gignac)
1. You've already used "swine flu" as your excuse for missing work this week. (neion)

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