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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Other Nobel Prizes

(submitted by Felly Smeet)

10. Nobel Texting Prize (pie)
9. Nobel Whirled Peas Prize (Felly Smeet)
8. Nobel Prize for Top Ten Item Authorship (Andre)
7. The Nobel Prize for replacing the toilet paper roll (RAM)
6. Nobel Congeniality Prize (No Dear I didn't)
5. The Nobel Pizza Prize (lefty, darthgator)
4. The Nobel iPhone App Prize (Yeah Man, MTNester)
3. The Nobel Price for Picking The Fastest Waiting Line (Lone Star)
2. The Nobel Silence Prize, given to the worst musicians who stopped playing (Oren Otter)
1. The Nobel Prize for not being George W Bush (The Incognito Penguin)

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