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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Features In Windows 7

(submitted by jep)

10. Windows Exclusive Advantage: automatically prevents installation of rival browswers and media players (Tristan)
9. The "Weather" button doesn't check the weather, it controls the weather. (Stephen H)
8. Minesweeper is actually taking place with real mines in the south Pacific. (Deeeva)
7. It pops up a game of Pong to play between system crashes. (Smilee)
6. Most of the features won't work till 7.1 comes out. (Shoegazer)
5. All Google searches are transmitted to Microsoft headquarters and held pending a thorough background check to insure that sensitive information is not released to terrorists. (No Dear I didn't)
4. Annoying paperclip guy replaced by Jar Jar Binks (Meesa thinks yousa writing a lettah!) (The Incognito Penguin)
3. The Auto-update update check: To update the auto-update in case it fails to update (lefty)
2. If you hold ctrl+alt+F9+shift+F2+print screen+the other alt key+space+window key and press num lock five times the all future blue screens of death will be green. (Mute)
1. It's really just Windows 3.0, overclocked 2 1/3 times. (Oops I did it again)

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