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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways the EPA is Planning to Regulate Santa's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(submitted by Mark Lehde)

10. Lights on his sleigh must be solar-powered. (miss moah)
9. He must install catalytic converters and mufflers on the reindeer. (WAM)
8. Reindeer space suits that recycle their methane flatulence (Magus Noan)
7. Capping air trades with the Easter Bunny (monkielion)
6. For every wooden toy made, Santa must replant a tree. (Maxpappy)
5. Project "Virtual Rudolph" utilizes internet gift card delivery, reducing travel trips. (Maxpappy)
4. Santa must lose 40 pounds in order to save on fuel costs for his sleigh. (JuicyGirl)
3. He has to recycle last year's leftover gifts of coal. (Miss Moah )
2. Milk is to be replaced with water. Cookies are to have their carbon footprint halved by 2012. (Deeeva)
1. He gets carbon credits for every fireplace he puts out while delivering toys. (Raven)

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