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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. CD: Alvin and the Chipmunks Sing Opera Favorites (Magus Noan)
9. Anything with "As Seen On TV" on the package (lefty)
8. Nyquil.. Everybody loves Nyquil.. and besides.. The only store open 12/24 at 11:35pm was WALGREENS. (TechNut)
7. A collection of multi-colored sugar substitute packets from IHOP (SissyRoll)
6. Monogrammed staples (Major Tom)
5. A beautiful paperclip necklace, bracelet, and matching earrings for your soon to be ex-wife (FanofDan)
4. Fruitcake made entirely of recycled material. Wait, isn't that what it is anyway? (Biff & Jibby)
3. A Chia Justin Bieber (junkshop_coyote)
2. A Top Ten list submission made in your honor (Oren Otter [On behalf of Fnaire Antbear])
1. 300 Tissues -- with their own dispenser!!! (Major Tom)

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