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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Clauses In Jay Leno's Return To Tonight Show Contract

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Red haired hosts shall be banned from the network in perpetuity. (Oops I did it again.)
9. "Coco was here" bathroom graffiti will be replaced with "Jay's on the throne". (The Infield Fly)
8. Cookies in the shape of Conan in the green room. (What? Too soon Sissy?)
7. All future contract disputes will be decided by Judge Judy (The Infield Fly)
6. Is not required to wear pants while seated at his desk. (The Incognito Penguin)
5. NBC must remove all the "Low Clearance" signs above doorways. (The Infield Fly)
4. Jay will deliver his monologue with a body outline of Conan clearly visible to the tv audience. (The Infield Fly)
3. Can try 10 pm spot again in the future and subsequently screw over Jimmy Fallon when it doesn't work. (Oh Dear)
2. Parking valet must keep Jay's car running in case of unforseen cancellation. (The Infield Fly)
1. Entitled to one new show do-over per year. (rorschak)

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