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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least-Requested Super Powers

(submitted by friends_gal)

10. The ability to change water cooler bottles without spilling a drop (Maxpappy)
9. The ability to become translucent (darthgator)
8. The power to age twice as fast (wheels jr.)
7. X-ray tasting (Flip201, Magik)
6. The ability to eat ice cream as fast as you want with out getting an ice cream headache (Raven)
5. The ability to see things in mirrors at their actual size (Maniac Bob)
4. The ability to change TV channels... without a remote! (Maxpappy)
3. The power to change Sprite into Sierra Mist (wheels jr.)
2. Laser-tag vision (Ilsoap)
1. The power to see in 2-D (wheels jr.)

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