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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Reached The End of the Internet

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Basement Cat is confined to Lolcat Hell for a thousand years. (Oren Otter)
9. Splash page with an American flag waving to the star spangled banner then screen turns to "snow". (Shoegazer)
8. Homestar runner has learned to pronounce the letter R at last. (Oren Otter)
7. The forward button does nothing. (Adam)
6. YouTube, Twitter, iTunes and Wikipedia combine to become the four websites of the apocalypse. (Oren Otter)
5. Top Ten lists start repeating themselves. (Baby Hates Bunnies)
4. You can see nothing but blogs, written by people whose opinions actually make sense. (Ilsoap)
3. MIcrosoft doesn't even bother to ask if you want an error report sent. (The Infield Fly)
2. You hear the vague rumblings of a waterfall, as though millions of 1's and 0's are being sucked away to their doom. (Ilsoap)
1. Domain name extensions are now using letters made up by Doctor Seuss. (Oren Otter)

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