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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You are in a Bad Hospital

(submitted by Raven)

10. It's not so much the number of patients on gurneys in the hallways. It's the parking meters they have to keep feeding. (Maniac Bob)
9. The hospital gowns are open in the back AND the front. (Maxdad)
8. The anesthesiologists all carry around big rubber mallets. (Maxdad)
7. Your surgeon left the contents of a Barbie Medical Kit inside you. (The Infield Fly)
6. There's a dog beside the operating table, begging for scraps. (Toujin)
5. Hospital motto is "Practicing medicine until we get it right!" (whyBother)
4. Your surgeon says, "Don't worry. I've seen this done on TV." (Gregj09)
3. The doctor for your laser surgery assures you he uses his own light saber for the procedure. (Magus Noan)
2. You couldn't get a CAT scan because the cat had a furball. (Maxdad)
1. The surgeon drops a scalpel, picks it up and says, "Five-second rule! It's okay!" (Rigoletto)

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