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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little-Known Tax Deductions

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. The National Capitol Disaster Refief Fund gives you a $500 credit for disabling CSPAN on your TV. (Maniac Bob)
9. You can deduct the cost of the plugs you need to replace the hair you tore out while doing your taxes. (Major Tom)
8. You can deduct double the business expense of your bridge & tunnel tolls if you hit the exact change basket doing 60 mph or better. (Major Tom)
7. Apparently, writing a top-ten entry on a comedy list counts as a donation to charity! (Outsyder)
6. If you're married but act single, you still get the individual deduction. (The Infield Fly)
5. If you make your belly-button lint into paper, then print your return on it, you get to take the "paperless paper" deduction. (wheels)
4. There's the Child Car Tax Credit, where you get to write off the costs when your kid borrows your car, but only at the charity rate. (Maniac Bob)
3. 10% deduction for feeding and sheltering Minutemen (Oh Deer)
2. You can deduct your loss of dignity for appearing on a TV reality show. (The Infield Fly)
1. Astrological consultations have been completely deductible since the Reagan Era. (Miss Moah)

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