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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Steve Jobs Has Lost His Mind

(submitted by ip0m)

10. He redesigns the iPad to be an apartment made entirely of touchscreens. (Flip201)
9. His arguments with Flash escalate into naming new products iHateFlash and OS XII - FlashEatingBacteria. (Tristan)
8. He is replacing solid state components with vacuum tubes in the 2011 Mac. (Norm Shelton)
7. He just announced the IDiaper. (RAM)
6. Every time you do a search for "jobs," you get an animation of Steve thumbing his nose at you. (rorschak)
5. He recently applied for a job at Microsoft to improve Windows 7, claiming he has years of experience using similar operating systems. (Gregj09)
4. He's considering changing his name to iSteve. (R&R)
3. Your new iCamera can only take pictures of items purchased from iTunes. (Wildwest )
2. He believes that anytime the letter "i" is written you owe him a shiny new penny. This post cost me seven cents...eight cents...AHHH, nine cents...$*#%, ten cents. (Raven)
1. The "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials were inspired by a marketer who mistakenly thought Steve Jobs was just joking when he kept insisting he was a Mac. (Mute)

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