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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Pissed Off Your New Neighbours

(submitted by what???? no bog roll?!?!?!?)

10. A tuna moodle casserole appears on your doorstep with the note, "Welcome to leave the neighborhood!" (Sheriff)
9. The flip-up flag for outgoing mail on their mailbox strongly resembles a middle finger. (toyz)
8. You found lawn darts embedded in the siding of your house. (JimBean)
7. You woke up next to the severed head of your pink lawn flamingo. (darthgator)
6. Well, you thought it was an accident when he backed into your mailbox, but now it's happened five times... today! (Gregj09)
5. All their machine gun turrets are pointing your way. (Norm Shelton)
4. They just moved in and there's already a new "FOR SALE" sign up... on your lawn. (Mute, DaPope)
3. They play with their jackhammer all night long... in your driveway! (darthgator)
2. All of a sudden, the double-yellow lines in the road are pointing into your driveway. (Major Tom)
1. They refuse to return the tree you fell on their yard. (LJ)

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