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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Its Time to Quit Holding Game Night with Your Family

(submitted by DJ ZaPahd )

10. Jerry Springer has jumped into your "War of the Sexes" Pictionary night. (Augiepyropanda)
9. You didn't even start Monopoly yet, but you are headed to the ER after the riot over who gets to be the "car." (JDAii)
8. The only way to stop the Monopoly arguments is for someone to set the board on fire. (Asteria)
7. Uncle Morty keeps insisting that damn Milton Bradley kid he grew up with stole his idea. (Maxdad)
6. Games include "The Quiet Game," "Who Can Get Daddy a Beer First Game," and the all-time classic, "Who Can Keep Family Game Night a Secret from Mommy Game." (Gregj09)
5. Your last family Monopoly game ended when cousin Eddy insisted upon putting a meth lab on Baltic Avenue. (JimBean)
4. By the time you're done setting new rules, amendments, objections, appeals, and reconciliation, it's time for bed. (Major Tom)
3. The imprint of a four letter word spelled out in Scrabble letter tiles is still clearly legible on your little brother's forehead. (Jo aka Your Scottish Sweetheart)
2. The kids are studying von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. (Chuck1863)
1. After 3 police visits, 6 fire department calls, and two trips to the ER, there just isn't enough patience to continue the game of RISK you started in 1993. (darthgator)

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