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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor Is a Secret Russian Spy

(submitted by nerfmanB)

10. Always wears distractingly large lapel flowers at dinner parties. (finlero)
9. He never watches the last five minutes of Rocky IV. (Chuck1863)
8. The postman keeps delivering their copy of "KGB Weekly" to your mailbox (lekolight)
7. Her boyfriend is a really hot English guy with an Aston Martin (Tristan)
6. Children's names are Yeltsin, Brezhnev, and Lenin. (byuguy)
5. Welcome mat reads "I am not a Russian spy". (finlero)
4. Comes over to borrow a cup of borscht. (rorschak)
3. Invites you over to his May Day BBQ every year... (5th columnist)
2. Sees your Mini Cooper, says it's got nothing on his '84 Yugo. (finlero)
1. You: 3 garden gnomes on your front yard. Him: Big ass 20ft statue of Lenin. (The IncognitoPenguin)

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