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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Experimental Weapons Being Developed by the Department of Defense

(submitted by Rodney's Posse)

10. Rickroll mortar rounds (Major Tom)
9. The Bad Headache Ray: for people that you don't want to shoot with the Death Ray (Stephen H)
8. A way to put apathy into ice cream: They've been testing it on the American public for years. (Baby Hates Bunnies)
7. Larry King Suspender Slingshot (jumpinjack)
6. A pillow that can secretly record people's dreams (Farty pants)
5. The suffocating Snuggie (The return of the Unicorn)
4. The Stealth Tour Bus: To invade, just drive the soldiers right in and nobody sees them coming. (Stephen H)
3. The Paris Hilton Bomb: It doesn't really do anything or contribute to the war but it sure does get attention. (MJLehde)
2. Compacting 10 million strips of paper into a warhead, to be exploded in an enemy camp: because, you know, papercuts are the worst (Ilsoap)
1. Single bold statement claiming that the county's father capable of beating up the enemy country's father. (Steve Gignac)

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